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Take Advantage of our September Special!

Take Advantage of our September Special!
September 1, 2022

Cat arthritis is a common condition that is often caused by age, weight, or injury to the joint. Arthritis cannot be cured, but you can help your cat stay comfortable. Medication, acupuncture and laser therapy are methods that our veterinarians use to help your cat cope with the pain.

Environmental Enrichment


Provide a series of "steps" or a ramp to allow access to favored higher areas. Household items such as chairs can be strategically placed to allow such access.

Litter Boxes

Ensure a litter box is accessible on each level of the house. Cats with arthritis have difficulty walking up and down large flights of stairs. They may end up urinating or defecating in unwanted areas to avoid the stairs.

The ideal litter box has three high sides and one low side. The low side is ideal for cats with difficulty jumping into the litter box. The higher sides prevents unwanted urination and defecation over the litter box edges. Arthritic cats frequently have difficultly squatting down far enough in the litter box.

Arthritic cat vs healthy cat

Special Offer

During the month of September, take advantage of 20% off laser therapy packages and arthritis medications (Adequan, Cosequin, Daswquin, and Gabapentin). Mention special offer at time of booking or order.

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