Check Out Our May Special!

cat warm 350pxGet $10 off your cat's behavior consultation appointment during the month of June 2018!*

Does your kitty have some bad habits? Negative feline behaviors can include everything from aggression, to destruction, to house soiling.

Check out some of these examples to see if your cat is a good candidate for behavior counseling:

Aggressive Behaviors Destructive Behaviors House Soiling Behaviors
  • Aggression towards
    other household pets
  • Aggression towards people
  • Excessive play biting
    and scratching
  • Furniture scratching
  • Destructive chewing
  • Eating inanimate objects
  • Urine spraying (marking)
  • Inappropriate urination/defecation

The type of litter box that you use can also play a huge role in your cat's comfort and behavior.

 Litter Box Recommendation

  • A covered box makes a larger cat feel cramped
  • Covered boxes don't allow for as much air circulation and offensive odor is contained
  • Covered boxes limit a cat's field of vision to see if a companion animal is approaching
  • A covered box limits a cat's escape potential
*This offer is valid June 1-30, 2018.