December is National Giving Month!

It is with both great joy and sadness that we announce the retirement of Dr. Tammy Sadek. 

Dr. Sadek graduated first in her class at the University of Minnesota in 1984 and founded Kentwood Cat Clinic in 1987. She has been practicing veterinary medicine for 34 years and we want to send her off with a retirement party. 

food drive cr4We are excited to be hosting TWO food drives, one for PETS and one for PEOPLE!

**All food donations will benefit families in Kent County**

The Kentwood Cat Clinic and Cat Clinic North will be matching the PET food donations: pound for pound in dry food & can for can in wet food -- So any pet food donation is automatically doubled to benefit a family in need!

Feline Hypertension is the medical term for high blood pressure in cats.

Causes of High Blood Pressure in Cats:

Hypertension occurs most commonly in older cats and is usually associated with another illness such as chronic renal failure (kidney disease) or hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid).

Hyperthyroidism usually has a moderate effect on blood pressure, which can resolve with treatment of the thyroid condition. When kidney disease and hypertension are present together, the hypertension tends to be more severe and usually requires specific treatment. Sometimes, hyperthyroidism and kidney disease are both present, and this presents a special challenge for therapy.

cat blood pressure

Hypertension is very damaging to a cat’s body. High blood pressure causes small blood vessels to leak or even rupture. This is especially important in delicate tissues like the eye (leading to detached retina and blindness) or the brain (resulting in stroke = cerebral vascular accidents). Hypertension also increases wear and tear on the kidneys and the heart, compounding problems for cats with kidney or thyroid disease. Early detection is important to prevent these complications.

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